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To view the images and/or Red light video associated with your Infringement Notice, please complete the below fields. The information can be located at the bottom of your infringement notice:

Enter 10 characters in the following format: AAA12345A1
Enter 12 digits, for example: 021234123412
Please wait while your infringement details are loaded.
This may take a few minutes.

Once an Infringement notice has been paid, it is no longer available to view online. On the spot, hand written notices are not available to view online.

If you wish to clarify the offence or registration number related to a speed or red light camera offence with a Police Officer, then you may do so by contacting Infringement Management and Operations on (08) 9374 4555. Viewings are only available by prior appointment.

Infringement payments

To pay your infringement online, go to www.police.wa.gov.au/payinfringement. If you would like to view other payment options Click Here. Payments can be made online up until 9pm AWST on the day it is due.

Renominating the driver

If someone else was driving or in charge of the vehicle at the time or the vehicle was sold, complete the statement Part 'F' on the infringement notice, with the correct details of the driver or person in charge at the time of the offence and mail it to:

Infringement Management & Operations
Locked Bag 40
Perth Business Centre
WA 6849

or if you have received a Final Demand Notice forward the notice with a written advice to the above address.
If you are NOT the driver DO NOT pay the traffic infringement notice. Another infringement notice will be issued to the nominated driver or person in charge.

NOTE: It is important that the person named on the infringement completes the process themselves. Read the infringement notice thoroughly and if uncertain of your obligations then contact Infringement Management & Operations on (08) 9374 4555, or email fines@police.wa.gov.au for advice.