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Please enter the Infringement Number and Customer Reference Number which can be found on the payment slip section on your Infringement Notice. Do not include spaces between the numbers.

Please wait while your infringement details are loaded.
This may take a few minutes.

NOTE: Once an Infringement Notice has been paid, the images and video are no longer available to view online. On the spot, hand written Infringement Notices are not available to view online.

Offence Clarification or Enquiry

If you have an enquiry in relation to the camera-detected offence, please contact the Customer Service team at Infringement Management and Operations.

If you wish to clarify the offence with a Police Officer, an appointment is required. Ensure that you include the Infringement Notice number when making your enquiry or request.

Renominating the driver

If you were not the driver, do not pay the Infringement Notice. Complete Part F (Statutory Declaration of Driver Identification) on the Notice and return the form by mail or in person ( details shown above ) before the compliance / due date shown on the Notice.

IMPORTANT: The person named on the Infringement Notice, or the responsible corporate representative must complete the nomination process themselves. Read the Notice thoroughly and if uncertain of your obligations, contact Infringement Management and Operations for advice.

Pay Infringement Notice

Click Here to view Infringement Notice payment options.